Gmail will stop working in Chrome browser for Windows XP and Vista

Gmail online service will show a message warning about the termination of support for Chrome browser older versions. Due to significant changes relating to safety you have to download the 55-th Chrome update to continue using mail services.

Unfortunately, the above solution is not suitable for users of Windows XP and Vista because Microsoft has stopped the support for these operating systems and Chrome updates for them was stopped after version 49.

Gmail services would work till the end of the year in case you won’t update OS and browser. However, service will begin to redirect Windows XP and Vista users to the basic HTML version of the interface with a lower level of functionality and protection.

PDF + Google Chrome vulnerability

PDFium is a component of the Chrome web browser designed to display PDF documents. The vulnerability has been found  in it, which allows to include dangerous code into a PDF file, and execute code by simply viewing a PDF.

To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must create a malicious document containing the image of JPEG2000 format with the modified header. If the victim opens the file  in Chrome, built-in code will be automatically executed on the computer.