Two critical vulnerabilities were patched: update Samba servers immediately

CVE-2018-1050 (Denial of Service Attack on external print server.) affects all versions of Samba from 4.0.0. “Missing input sanitization checks on some of the input parameters to spoolss RPC calls could cause the print spooler service to crash.”

CVE-2018-1057 (Authenticated users can change other users’ password.). “On a Samba 4 AD DC the LDAP server in all versions of Samba from 4.0.0 onwards incorrectly validates permissions to modify passwords over LDAP allowing authenticated users to change any other users’ passwords, including administrative users.”

The maintainers of Samba have addressed both vulnerabilities with the release of new Samba versions 4.7.6, 4.6.14, 4.5.16.