About Us


Our services

We are Servilon. We have been providing high-quality IT services since 2008. Our greatest strengths are:

  • outsourcing support for IT infrastructures of any size or complexity;
  • expert services in systems integration.

We work to solve your problems and answer your questions all day everyday, without interruptions or days off. An SLA is scripture to us.

We offer both bundled services with standard quality metrics and pricing, as well as comprehensive custom services that are packed specifically to meet your needs. Our specialists can help you resolve not only technical challenges but also intellectually-demanding problems. What’s more, you will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly and how well they solve those problems.

We are partners of and are professionally certified by major global and Russian companies: Avaya, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, 1C, VMWare, Watchguard.

We have offices in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Limassol, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk. However, the specific nature of our work allows us to provide services to customers across all of Europe and beyond. Our customers include companies from CIS countries as well as European and US companies.

Servilon is results-oriented, so our approach to each task is serious and meticulous. Our mission is to provide professional help in the shortest possible time for a reasonable price.

Our customers and confidentiality

Our customers include major organizations from various industries, as well as relatively small companies, and they are all satisfied with the quality of our services. In particular, they are pleased that we strictly adhere to the non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) we have signed with them. After all, our services frequently involve IT support for our customers’ business-critical operations. This is precisely why we cannot disclose the names of most of our customers. Our agreements with the following customers allow us to disclose their names: Moet Hennessy, KazTransOil, Deutsche Bank, and Volkswagen. If your company becomes one of our customers and does not authorize such a disclosure, you can be certain that you will never appear in this list. The right level of both quality and confidentiality puts our customers at ease.

We value ongoing partnerships. All of our regular customers receive special conditions in the form of additional services as well as special price concessions.

How we work

We value your time and resources, and want to give you the greatest benefit at the least cost. That’s why all of our offerings are based on the three pillars of our business:

  • Technology. We are always focused on technology leaders and offer only the most state-of-the-art and effective solutions from leading IT vendors. You should have at your disposal the best technologies, which will serve you well for years.
  • Expertise. We handpick the best industry specialists and constantly improve their professional skills. Our goal is not to replace your IT department, but we understand that it too expensive to maintain enough technical personnel for every issue, given the fluid and inconsistent nature of IT. We are ready to maintain your IT landscape, providing exactly the level of service you want.
  • Experience. Our track record includes lots of successful projects. We know how to do everything right – quickly and with high-quality. We will propose the best way to solve your challenges and carefully stick to it in order to avoid newbie mistakes.


The quality of our work is the key component of our relationship with customers. We evaluate our employees’ performance using international (ISO 9001:2008) standards. By using these standards, we continuously monitor the quality of our work, overall as well as at each stage. This allows us to maintain the proper quality of service at any given moment.

Here are a few of the quality metrics that we rigorously uphold and that make us proud:

  • average response time — 12.2 minutes (a response can be immediate in critical situations);
  • average ticket close time — 90 minutes from the initial contact;
  • average customer quality score for our work — 4.8 out of 5.