Our company provides high-quality IT services since 2008. The main directions of our work are outsourcing of IT infrastructure support and expert services for system integration.

Our products

  • Skypetime

    work time & Security monitoring system

  • Olindra

    document management system

Maintenance service

We offer server monitoring and support services.

Remote SQL Server DBA Services

Optimal performance and efficient operation of your Microsoft SQL Server database.

IT infrastructure monitoring

Proactive infrastructure performance measurement, network and servers monitoring.

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Phone Systems

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Private Cloud

In our working practices we always focus on IT security
Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 update

The point of an update policy is to make the update process predictable, with procedures for notifying users so that they can plan their work accordingly and avoid unexpected downtime. The policy needs to address several distinct types of updates. The most familiar are the monthly cumulative security and reliability updates that are delivered on…

Windows 7

How to extend Security Updates of Windows 7

As we all know every operating system needs in support. But what will you do when the support will end? I should recommend you to look at such variant like extended Windows 7 support, cause the current support is going to end in January of 2020. But if you need keep going to run Window…

Windows 10

How to protect your business with Windows 10 security

It would be great if the process of securing a Windows 10 device can be reduced to a simple checklist. But the process of securing is much more complicated than that. The initial setup simply establishes a security baseline. When this configuration is complete, security needs continued vigilance and ongoing effort. A big part of…

For IT companies and system integrators we offer a subcontracting.

Delegate your tasks to our IT specialists — we work on subcontract, absolutely transparently and nowhere labeling our presence as a company. Work with the client is on your behalf. Learn more about subcontracting.

Our products


Time Tracking System

skypetime system


Document Management System