Our company provides high-quality IT services since 2008. The main directions of our work are outsourcing of IT infrastructure support and expert services for system integration.

Our products

  • Skypetime

    work time & Security monitoring system

  • Olindra

    document management system

Maintenance service

We offer server monitoring and support services.

Remote SQL Server DBA Services

Optimal performance and efficient operation of your Microsoft SQL Server database.

IT infrastructure monitoring

Proactive infrastructure performance measurement, network and servers monitoring.

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Phone Systems

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Private Cloud

In our working practices we always focus on IT security
GTPR for exchange mail server

How to maintain Exchange to comply with GDPR

There is a ton of information about paperwork needs to be done to comply with GDPR. Here we would answer the question: “What technically should be done at your mail server to meet requirements?”

it security list

How to Put Out Fires Before They Start or General Principles of IT Security

Having examined the effect of the WannaCry and Petya viruses and how the attacks affected our customers, we would like to share our findings and give general cybersecurity recommendations.

azure mfa for rdg

Remote Desktop Gateway client two-factor authentication via Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Typical users have a lightminded attitude for password security. Our experience shows that even if a company uses strict policies, provides user training, etc., unencrypted devices still make their way outside the office.

For IT companies and system integrators we offer a subcontracting.

Delegate your tasks to our IT specialists – we work on subcontract, absolutely transparently and nowhere labeling our presence as a company. Work with the client is on your behalf. Learn more about subcontracting.

Our products


Time Tracking System

skypetime system


Document Management System