IT-monitoring is process of collecting indicators of hardware and software in the IT environment. The essence of it-monitoring is to ensure that the equipment works in the right way and on the needed level of the performance,   which is required for the normal maintenance of the business. The basic monitoring solution often consists of sending…

One more certified professional in our team

  Our team has one more professional with CCNP certification level All of our certificates:  About Us

Cisco inadvertently released Dirty Cow exploit code in software

There was a failure in the final QA validation step of the software.

Cisco released a second fix for a critical vulnerability in its ASA

Cisco engineers found other attack vectors and features that are affected by CVE-2018-0101 vulnerability that were not originally identified by the NCC Group and subsequently updated the security advisory.

ACI Anywhere: CISCO announced plans to extend ACI into the public cloud domain

CISCO announced plans to integrate their ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) with public cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Connecting to Corporate Resources via Cisco AnyConnect using FreeRadius and Google Authenticator

Connecting to corporate resources via Cisco AnyConnect using FreeRadius and Google Authenticator has its pros and cons. One noteworthy advantage is the cost: it’s free.