GhostWriter: enabling to launch MiTM attacks In Cloud Storage Services

Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets allowing man-in-the-middle attacks (MiTM).

Bad Rabbit – new ransomware spreads via network

A number of Russian media and state institutions of Ukraine were attacked by the new ransomware Bad Rabbit.

New attack scheme on Office 365 corporate users

New attack dubbed “KnockKnock” because attackers “knock” on backdoor system accounts to infiltrate entire O365 environments.

Researchers found a new method to bypass protection against Rowhammer attack

Experts have discovered a new way to bypass the protection against Rowhammer attacks, aimed at DRAM-memory.

Home Routers Under Attack via Malvertising on Windows, Android Devices

Nowadays, it is difficult to surprise someone by malicious advertising campaigns, but the experts of Proofpoint have discovered a new trend in this area. Now attackers are targeting not on the users ‘ browsers and in their routers.