Skype Cloud Connector Edition

Skype Cloud Connector Edition: The way to Integrate Corporate PBX and Setup PSTN Calls with Skype for Business Online (Office 365)

Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) is a hybrid solution that allows integrating the corporate PBX with the Office 365. CCE offers a set of components offering organizations to connect to the corporate PBX or PSTN, organize the SIP trunk from your Office 365 (Skype for Business Online).

This service gives you a turnkey Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) infrastructure setup.

We will deploy the necessary topology in a virtual environment. Users from your organization will be able to place / receive calls from landline and mobile phones through any existing voice infrastructure, for example through the corporate PBX or SIP trunk of a VOIP provider. If your corporate PBX does not support SIP protocol over TCP, we’ll set up an additional gateway for connection.

Work performed during deployment of Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) for Skype for Business Online:

  1. Set up of the required package of Virtual Machines:
  • Domain Controller
  • Central Management Server (CMS)
  • Mediation Server
  • Edge Server
  1. Configuration of the above-mentioned VMs.
  2. Setup of VOIP gateway for connection with the corporate PBX or PSTN.
  3. Testing of the functionality.

For the companies that require High Availability, we offer to deploy 2 CCE packages (2 x 4 Virtual Machines, i.e. 8 virtual machines in total).

Infrastructure Requirements:

Minimum CCE solution (up to 50 simultaneous calls) — 64-bit 4-core processor/ 32 GB RAM/ 200Gb HDD) / 2 NIC.

Standard CCE solution — 64-bit 6-core processor/ 64 GB RAM / 400Gb HDD) / 2 NIC.

Example topology of the deployed infrastructure of Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) for Skype for Business Online:

CCE img

We offer CCE deployment service for €990. Please, contact us for to request the service.